Strange light recorded flying over Texas farm sparks alien conspiracy frenzy

The bright object flying above a farm in Texas, US

A video of a possible UFO flying over a farm in Texas has sparked a fierce discussion among conspiracy theorists.

In the clip, recorded by a witness from inside his home in the US, a bright object shimmers against the backdrop of a story sky.

The object weaves around the sky fairly quickly in the two-minute footage, but never leaves the general area until it abruptly vanishes.

Obviously excited, the man filming gives a running commentary.

“Aliens, we got them. Freaking aliens, man,” he says.

The man adds that the sighting is “certified” as he re-focuses his camera on the spot where the bright object is still whirring.

“It’s moving way faster than any possible man-made object,” he says.

The bright object flying above a farm in Texas, US

The video was uploaded on a UFO Reddit forum by user u/scuds03 where it has since been up-voted more than 1,000 times.

Many people agreed that the footage was probably a UFO and commented that the witness was “lucky”.

One fan wrote: “Definitely a cool video. Thanks for taking the time to record and post it for the community.”

The man filmed the mysterious object flying above his neighbour's farm
The man filmed the mysterious object flying above his neighbour’s farm

“It’s awesome to be able to capture video of a UFO,” said another.

More cynical viewers took the view the object was a kite or even a plastic bag floating in the wind.

“I’m pretty sure this is a kite,” wrote one.

Someone else said: “I agree with you 100%. The fact that it just swings around within the same narrowly defined area in an arc that can be defined by a single tether indicates that it is indeed a kite.”

“100% a kite,” concurred a third viewer.

Another viewer wrote: “There is a storm, anything can be picked up and be trapped in a dancing pocket of air I suppose.

“Even a balloon or a plastic bag.”

This comes after an “orange UFO” was spotted “changing shapes” as it hovered in the night sky while being filmed by a witness in Canada.

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