Mysterious footage captures ‘UFO armada’ appearing in the skies above Utah

Mysterious footage captures

A strange video shows what is said to be a ” UFO armada” appearing above Utah in the middle of the day.

In the clip, recorded in St George on May 12, four flashing lights hover above the sandy terrain and dart back and forth.

The witness who filmed the astonishing sight reckoned the objects were about 40 miles away and roughly 70ft long.

In the background, someone says: “Look, there’s another one. Woah! There’s like four or five or six.”

Explaining the footage later when it was shared by YouTube channel ET Data Base, the witness said: “I was in my room (window faces the north) and seen some flashing just kinda thought it was a heli or jet being only 70 miles from Nellis AFB”.

The white objects appear to flicker and dart constantly

But the witness said they realised the objects were more like a “square plate” in shape and were flying just below the cloud surface.

Even weirder, they said the flashing objects all “dimmed out and disappeared at the same time”.

Commentators on youTube scrambled to find an explanation for the mystery, with one claiming it was “birds”, another “balloons”, and a third joking it was the James Bond villain Blofeld.

But other believers were convinced the UFOs really were a fleet of extraterrestrial ships.

The weird lights would appear and vanish
The weird lights would appear and then vanish

Alien ships!” commented one, while a second wrote, “It’s aliens ffs”.

This comes after the coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge in UFO sightings which some people speculate is because more people are at home under lockdown rules.

The “cigar-shaped UFO” has returned to California with a sighting of the white, wingless object caught on video.

Aso this month, mysterious red lights appeared above Las Vegas and Richmond within days of each other.

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