World’s oldest message in a bottle: BBC News Review


The story

What’s thought to be the world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found in Western Australia. The discovery was made by a woman walking on a beach north of Perth. But far from sending out an SOS, the note inside was part of a German scientific study carried out in 1886.

Key words and phrases

suffix used to describe people who visit a particular place
• The streets were full of theatregoers waiting to see their favourite plays.
• The bus was full of sand from all the beachgoers on their way home.

love note/letter
a creative tribute to something a person loves
• The film La La Land is a love letter to Hollywood.
• The Grammar Gameshow is Dan’s love letter to gameshows.

(the) sands of time
a way of saying time is passing quickly and inevitably
• I can’t believe I’m nearly 45 years old. The sands of time…
• You can’t do anything about the sands of time. Nothing lasts forever.

You can test your understanding here:

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