Woman shocked to find creepy secret apartment hidden behind her bathroom mirror


A woman was horrified to find a creepy hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror.

Samantha Hartsoe, who lives in New York, was shocked to find an entire empty apartment. She was confused when she noticed a cool breeze blowing in her bathroom despite there being no window or working air vent.

She later realised the breeze was coming from around the mirror handing above her sink, before removing it and discovering a half-finished flat behind it.

Samantha posted the bizarre scene on TikTok, saying: “I’m in my New York City apartment and it’s cold. It doesn’t matter how high the heat goes, I’m cold.

Samantha was shocked to discover the hidden apartment

“So I walk into my bathroom, and right here, I feel cold air blowing on me.”

Samantha then panned the camera around the bathroom to show that there is no obvious source for the cold air.

She adds: “I don’t know why there’s cold air coming out of here, but we’re not having it.”

Eventually, Samantha lifts the mirror off the wall to reveal a large rectangular hole above her sink, with a large open space behind it.

When she looks further, she notices an entire room hidden beyond the hole in the wall.

Samantha said: “Wow, this is a whole other apartment,” before quipping: “My landlord’s getting a really fun phone call together.”

It is unclear if the other apartment is under construction or had been abandoned.

She investigated after noticing a breeze in her bathroom

Social media users were quick to comment online, with one writing: “I’m still scared for you.”

Another added: “Thank you for locking (the door). It’s clearly being renovated but anyone can access your apartment through the bathroom.

A lot of people on Twitter compared Samantha’s terrifying discovery to the 1992 horror movie Candyman, in which a woman discovers a killer’s secret lair hidden in a residential building.

Samantha joked that it was a “New York City mystery”

One joked: “Girl don’t say anything, you just got a second apartment.”

Another remarked: “You should clean it up and renovate it and use it as a guest apartment or secret hangout area.”

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