Woman sends internet into meltdown after adding peas to Full English Breakfast


A Full English Breakfast is one of the culinary cornerstones of our culture. Along with the Sunday Roast, a classic fry-up is one of those dishes that can make your whole day – as long as you get it right.

One maverick breakfast fan most definitely didn’t get her Full English right.

In fact, it’s fair to say she shocked a nation by sending in a photo to Twitter feed Rate My Plate that showed her own quirky take on the number one hangover killer.

And it had peas on it.

Over a thousand people commented on Jessica M’s bizarre brekkie.

Plenty of people have their own special formula for an English Breakfast, but very few of us would include peas

One stunned Twitter user raged: “It’s a criminal offence to consume peas before noon,” adding “Especially when you have beans. Beans are your morning pea.”

Pete from South London agreed, saying: “Peas and beans on the same plate? For Breakfast? You should be on a register for this.”

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Several others pointed out that the peas were ruining what was basically a fairly presentable breakfast. One commenter said: “Looks lush all except for the peas ? They in themselves look lovely but have no place on such a cooked breakfast , that’s just plain mischief-making for mischief’s sake”

But others pointed out that Jessica had gone off-piste in more ways than one. Music Marie expressed a nation’s distress: “I don’t know which is worse? Garden peas or gammon? Is this definitely breakfast and not lunch?”

The photo went viral, attracting hundreds more comment, and eventually frozen food manufacturers Birds Eye chipped in with a comment, saying: We admit that peas in an English breakfast is a bit rogue, but we also admire the attempt at making it healthy. Thoughts?”

Plenty of people did have thoughts. Pete from South London came back to say: “Making it healthy? It’s a heart attack on a plate. And some peas.”

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