What Is the Best Sales Funnel? We Reveal the 3 Best Sales Funnels


Challenge: 68% of companies have not created or measured any sort of sales funnel, and the same survey revealed that, unsurprisingly, 79% of marketing leads never turn into sales.

How can you stand apart from that statistic and create the best possible sales funnel for your business?

Check out the video above to learn how to create your first sales funnel, one step at a time. Then look below to choose from the 3 best sales funnels of all time. Whether you’re trying to host an event, generate leads, or sell products, these are the funnels that have emerged victorious after years of testing and iterating at the ClickFunnels lab.

The 3 Best Sales Funnels Of All Time

  1. The Tripwire Sales Funnel

    Our Tripwire Sales Funnel works like magic for selling more products and for increasing the average value of each order. It starts with a simple sales page and a compelling offer (“Free book! Just pay shipping!” for example). After the prospect enters their information, there’s the One-Time Offer Page that upsells them on the REAL product that you’re trying to sell. This converts cold traffic better than any other product-based funnel we’ve seen. Go here to get your FREE Tripwire Sales Funnel.

    For selling products, we also have our Video Sales Letter Funnel and Product Launch Funnel.

  2. The Webinar Sales Funnel

    Our Webinar Sales Funnel is ideal for hosting online events that identify your target market and generate leads for your business. This funnel starts with a compelling registration page, multiple well-timed follow-up emails, the live event where you sell your product, and the webinar replay where people can watch the event and purchase your product. Our CEO, Russell Brunson, has literally made millions of dollars using this exact funnel. Go here to get your free Webinar Sales Funnel

    For hosting live events, we also have our Auto Webinar Funnel.

  3. The Squeeze Page Funnel

    Our Squeeze Page Funnel is dead-simple and great at generating leads and growing your email list. There are only two pages involved. First is the landing page where you offer the visitor a free resource — a free eBook, for example — in exchange for their email address. And second is the “Thank You” page where you thank the new lead and tell them to go check their email for the free gift. Thousands of entrepreneurs are using this simple funnel to generate leads every single day. Go here to get your free Squeeze Page Funnel.

    For generating leads and growing your email list, we also have our Application Funnel.

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