UFO seen above California sparks car chase in video

The hovering light

The encounter occurred in Twentynine Palms, California, a little after 9.15pm on Monday.

In a segment of the almost 10-minute long video, the bizarre UFO can be seen floating aimlessly in the pitch black night sky to the right of the vehicle.

The driver says: “I guess it’s not really that far, it’s like right here, we’re going to drive right up to it.

“It’s a long ribbon in the sky, a light ribbon and it shakes. It’s all segmented too.”

In a bid to reach the unexplained lights the driver puts his foot on the gas while driving parallel with the object.

The bizarre slender strip of lights appears to move in the air.

Patches of darkness form, creating gaps in the lights.

After uploading the video to Crazy Cody’s Creatures YouTube channel this week, the witness said: “We were able to drive up to it and get under it.

STRANGE: The unexplained light was spotted in the sky (Pic: YOUTUBE )

“It appeared to be about 6ft long and did not seem to make any noise.”

The man said he witnessed the object for over half an hour and multiple other cars pulled over in order to watch.

“At times it was very still even though it was windy and would climb straight up in the sky,” he added.

The man went on to include that there were power lines around the area so it seemed dangerous for someone to fly a kite or a drone.

He later added: “It started to move away from us and climb quickly so we tried to get a better shot of it from another street.


BIZARRE: The man was left questioning what the strange object was (Pic: YOUTUBE)

“It appeared to come straight down in the middle of open desert and turn off.

“Other people that stopped to look and myself [sic] went out into the desert to try and find it but were unsuccessful.”

The witness went on to appeal for help in finding out what the object was that they witnessed.

It comes after three sightings of a mysterious “pill UFO” was spotted three times within 11 days across the US.

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