Two headed cows born in India: Pair of mutant beasts born


TWO mutant two-headed cows have been born in India just days apart, shocking locals as video circulates online.

Cows are considered sacred amongst many Hindu communities in the country – sparking a frenzy about the two creatures.

Veterinary doctors have explained that such phenomenon takes place due to genetic mutation.

The two cows were born just days apart and more than 600 miles away from each other in Shimla and Udaipur. 

Cows with genetic mutations have previously caused a stir in India – including a one-eyed beast being worshipped as a “god”.

And two years ago a cow with a “human face” was born, also sparking worship from the people in its village.


“Both the calves are doing well – but the mutations rarely survive to reach adulthood. ”

The first of the two-headed cows was born on February 7 near a village in Shimla, the northern state Himachal Pradesh’s capital.

Video of the cow has been circulated online, leaving viewers baffled.

The owner can be seen examining the cow, looking at its odd features.

And another cow with two heads was born in the Rajasthan district of Udaipur on Wednesday.



It also attracted a lot of tourists, who flocked to the farmer Nagaji Gondolia Lohar’s house to witness the bizarre animal.

One major difference between the two calves is the positioning of the eyes. 

While the calf from Udaipur has two eyes placed very close to one another, almost resembling a cyclops, the calf from Shimla have eyes placed apart.

Both the calves are doing well – but the mutations rarely survive to reach adulthood.

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