TSB customers receive more compensation for 2018 IT meltdown

Some TSB customers affected by April 2018

Could you receive a Christmas bonus from TSB? Bank offers extra redress to those who fell victim to its IT fiasco last year out of the blue

  • Around 2m people were locked out of online banking in April 2018
  • Those who complained received compensation at the time
  • Some report being sent letters out of the blue to say they’re due more money 

TSB has handed some of its customers who were caught up in its IT meltdown in April 2018 an early Christmas present in the form of more compensation.

Several customers of the bank have reported to having received letters telling them they were entitled to payouts, despite having already received compensation several months ago.

The bank said the letters were common practice after it had revisited complaints from those who had been affected by its outage last year.

 Some TSB customers affected by April 2018’s IT meltdown appear to have received a second set of compensation just in time for Christmas

TSB received nearly 137,000 complaints in the first half of 2018, 114,399 of which it received after its botched migration from the systems of its former owner Lloyds to its new one Sabadell.

One customer wrote on the MoneySavingExpert forum that their mother was paid out £25 in compensation in April 2018 after being unable to access their online banking. 

They said she was happy with the money after what had been a ‘relatively mild inconvenience’, and thought that was the end of it.

However, she received a letter from TSB last week telling her that after revisiting her case she was due £275 in compensation.

A number of other customers chimed in to say the same thing had happened to them. 

One said they were mildly affected by TSB’s meltdown, which locked as many as 2million customers out of their accounts for two weeks in April 2018, had made a complaint and received £25, ‘which was fine for me.’

He said he received an unprompted letter last month saying they’d reviewed their complaints process and determined he was due an additional £122.

A third forum user announced they’d received a letter stating they were owed a figure seven times what they initially received last year, with the bank telling them they were owed £350.

In total, seven users said they had been written to out of the blue and told their complaints had been revisited and they were due more money.

The bumper compensation comes shortly after the release of an independent report into the bank’s IT outage by law firm Slaughter & Firm.  

A spokesman for TSB said: ‘We completed all migration-related customer complaints earlier this year. 

‘As part of our normal monitoring process of complaints, we constantly review the quality of our decisions to ensure that customers are treated fairly and consistently.

‘If we believe that any of our customers did not receive adequate compensation, we will put it right.’

The bank said any customers owed any more compensation would receive a letter from it, after their case has been revisited.



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