Tripadvisor review of bar written by ‘dog’ branded ‘most cringeworthy thing ever’

Even self-proclaimed dog lovers were perplexed by the review.

A bizarre Tripadvisor review written from the perspective of a dog has been ridiculed, with one person branding it “the single most cringeworthy thing I’ve read all year”.

The supposed pooch was scathing about the service it and its “pawrents” received from a bar manager at HUIS Belgian Bar and Kitchen in Portsmouth – sorry, Pawstmouth – in August this year.

Initially, the doggy day out was going swimmingly as the pooch received a tummy rub and its owners tucked into camembert and kroketten, unaware of the “horror” to come.

The crux of the canine’s criticism was that it was forced to lay on “the cold, hard floor besides only feet, scraps and spillages”, having been kicked off a lavish two-seater Chesterfield sofa.

Even self-proclaimed dog lovers were perplexed by the review.

A screenshot of the review was posted onto the r/CasualUK subreddit yesterday and it has already amassed over 300 confused and critical comments.

One Redditor said “I love dogs, but I hated reading this”, to which another replied, “Me too and I’m really pleased everyone else hates it too”.

Many took issue with the dog’s closing remarks, which stated: “If one is to allow our kind into such premises, then the least they can do is allow us the same privileges as those around us.

“Although I am a dog to some, I am a customer to you.”

“Whoever wrote that should have to sit on the floor, never mind the dog,” retorted one Redditor.

Another Redditor, who claimed to be the waiter that served the “pawrents” at HUIS, explained that the owners were not polite, but that another group of dog owners in the restaurant were lovely and even brought a blanket to protect their pooch from the “cold, hard floor”.

HUIS averages a four-and-a-half out of five rating on Tripadvisor and ranks second out of 445 Portsmouth-based restaurants on the site, making the “408dogswillso” review even more bizarre.

It appears that the pooch really did get cold feet as the furious review has since been deleted from HUIS’ Tripadvisor page.

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