Tracey Cox reveals the six best positions that burn the most calories and tone up your body

Sex standing up is probably the hardest workout – for both men and women (stock photo)

Here’s your new favourite fitness regime.

So you probably can’t skip the gym completely, but you can sure as hell work off that chocolate bar by turning your next sex session into a sex workout.

Lying back and thinking of England isn’t going to chew calories but being active and energetic in bed will. I’m talking athletics style sex that makes you sweat and gets your heart pumping.

A fast-paced sex session can potentially work off anywhere between 70 to 200 calories if you keep at it for at least half an hour (‘at it’ means intercourse, by the way, because it’s far more strenuous than foreplay).

Being more active in bed is always a good idea – but being active out of it can also help to improve your sex life.

Sex standing up is probably the hardest workout – for both men and women (stock photo)

Exercise increases blood flow – always a good thing when it comes to sex.

Regular exercise works like a natural Viagra for men: middle-aged men who do vigorous workouts report having more, better and more satisfying sex than those who are sedentary. And they have less erection problems.

Women who are more physically active report stronger desire and arousal and higher satisfaction than those who aren’t.

Exercise helps increase flexibility, raises energy levels and stamina: all rather handy in the bedroom. It also makes us look attractive, which makes us feel more desirable.

Combine both at once – exercise and sex – and the sky’s the limit with what you’ll achieve!


Standing: best all-rounder

Sex standing up is probably the hardest workout – for both of you.

Tracey Cox (pictured) reveals the six best positions that burn the most calories

Tracey Cox (pictured) reveals the six best positions that burn the most calories

If you’re going the full Monty – both legs wrapped around his hips and waist, him holding your entire body weight by holding you under the thighs – he’s working his core, arms, thighs and hips. Your thigh muscles are working hard to hang on, with your arms also sharing the workload. Work everything harder by pulling yourself up and down, rather than leaving it to him to do all the thrusting.

If you’re leaning against a wall, deduct calories. Add some if you lean forward to put your hands on the floor, holding your bottom high. This is terrific for toning your upper body and for sneaking in a hamstring stretch: the straighter you keep your legs, the better the stretch.

Up to 200 calories burnt

Doggy with a difference: best for core and arms

In the traditional position, he’s working his glutes and quads, you’re toning your triceps, shoulders and upper back.

Actively thrust – push your bottom back to meet him – and your core and quads get a workout as well.

Make it harder by balancing on one knee with the other leg straight behind you. The higher he holds you, the more your arms and core work hard to stay balanced. As you meet each thrust, tense your abdominals to engage your core as well as hips and bottom. Keeping your balance and staying stable is harder work than it looks!

Up to 70 calories burnt

Girl-on-top squat: best for thighs

This is another high calorie burner because it puts you in charge of thrusting.

Face his face or his feet, either way your bottom, thighs and core are all worked when you’re on top and doing the work.

To make it even more of a workout, put your feet flat on the floor rather than rest on your knees, so you’re effectively squatting every time you lift and lower.

Keep this up for half an hour or so and you can burn up to 170 calories or more.

If you’re got a workout bench, up the ante by trying this variation. Get him to lie flat on it, straddle him, then raise and lower yourself over him, using your thigh muscles as leverage.

If he’s the one wanting the workout, get him to assume the bridge position by lifting both his bottom and his arms (fingers pointing towards his feet). You ride him while he does the thrusting.

Don’t expect to last in this position: he’ll tire after about three minutes.

Up to 115 calories burnt

Missionary hip lift: best for bottoms


Put your mind in the muscle.  

Really think about the muscles you’re targeting to work them harder. Keep everything tensed.

Do your kegels during sex. 

Squeeze and hold your pelvic floor muscles rhythmically during all positions to help tone your genitals. They need a workout, too!

Put your legs up

Don’t wrap them around his waist, hold them high or straight out in front of you, to turn standard positions into a thigh workout.


Each time you do, you burn an extra five calories.

Lift your bottom during oral sex. 

 Assume the bridge position and you get a bottom and thigh workout along with an orgasm.

Don’t lie flat on the bed, that only burns 44 calories while he’s burning 143 by doing all the work.

Instead, get him to kneel in front of you, then lift your hips up and forward, feet flat on the floor – effectively making a bridge – and keep your pelvis close to his. He can hold you under your bottom but if you’re on tip-toes, with tensed glute muscles, you’ll engage your core so it’s an ab workout as well.

Another variation that turns it into a full body workout: he kneels, your legs are either side of him with feet flat on the ground. He holds your bottom high, then you lean back until both hands are on the floor, your body arched backwards.

Between 60 and 150 calories

The plank wheelbarrow: best for shoulders

The traditional wheelbarrow – him standing, you with hands on the floor or a bed, legs wrapped around him while he holds your hips – is a great fat burner for both of you.

He’s working his arms, bum and core by holding your body weight, you’re working your arms and shoulders to balance.

Make it even more of a fat burner: do a plank – prop yourself up on your forearms – and get him to hold your legs, just above the knees, while he kneels behind you. The straighter your legs, the more strenuous the workout, either way it’s a great workout for your arm and shoulder muscles, hips and lower back.

Kind of like a decline push-up, except a lot more fun!

Up to 100 calories burnt

Pegging: best for glutes

Penetrating your boyfriend anally with a strap-on dildo puts you in the prime thrusting position.

Get him to bend over in the traditional doggie-style pose – but reversed – and drive forward using your hips and bottom muscles.

Turn it into even more of a challenge by getting him to lie flat on the bed, penetrate, then squat over him, hanging onto his butt cheeks for support. You’re on tip-toes, holding onto his back or the ground for balance.

Up to 100 calories burnt 

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