Tinder users help woman fix her Wii games console

Megan Tinder

A WOMAN who was having trouble with her games console managed to get help from a very unlikely source.

RESOURCEFUL: Megan reasoned that she’d get quicker results with Tinder than with Google (Pic: Twitter)

Most men like women. Most men like video games. And most men like explaining stuff. So Twitter user @meggzsalad had a quite brilliant brainwave when her Nintendo Wii started misbehaving.

Rather than spend hours trawling tech forums or waiting for days for a replyfrom Nintendo support, she chose a communications channel that was guaranteed to get her an instant response – Tinder.

Megan, 20, put a request on the popular dating site which explained that her Wii was only showing black and white images on her TV.

Some of the responses were needlessly sexual. A couple were plain weird. But most of Megan’s replies were thoughtful, helpful suggestions that were all worth trying.


LATERAL: Going to Tinder for tech support was an inspired move (Pic: Commons / Tinder)

One user, for example, said that it was worth cleaning the connectors in case they’d got dirty or dusty. another guessed “sounds like your Wii is on the wrong TV output, I know that happens with my game cube sometimes” and a third weighed in with “Your Wii component cord is probably f****d up tho you can order one from Amazon or Walmart.”

Megan gratefully posted her results on Twitter, saying “My Wii is finally in colour so i’d like to take a moment to thank the men of Tinder. Really helped a girl out”

It has to be said that not every reply could be described as ‘helping a girl out.’ One Tinder user who had clearly not got into the spirit of the moment asked “Can I power-wash your teeth with my c*m?”

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