Time travel proof? Man revals image ‘he took of dinosaur 66million years ago’


The man claims he has come from the year 2082 but also says he has travelled millions of years into the past.

And – in a video with YouTube channel ApexTV – he has revealed his so-called “proof”.

“I would like to show you this picture of a T-Rex, which, as I said, was taken 66million years ago,” he claims in the truly bizarre clip.

“The picture is actually of a purple T-Rex.”

The man – who keeps his face hidden – then shows the wacky picture of the since-extinct dinosaur.

It can be seen walking across a sand plain while the horizon is lined up behind snow-capped mountains.

The photo could easily just be a printout of a T-Rex from the internet, but the man continues to claim he took it.

“You can actually see that it is of an actual living T-Rex that was captured on camera,” he continues.

“I took this from the time machine that I was in.

“I encourage any photo experts out there to look at this picture in depth.

REVEALED: The so-called time traveller exposed the picture of the dinosaur (Pic: APEX TV)

“You will see that in no way was it manipulated.”

Since the bizarre video was uploaded, over 13,500 people have flooded in to view the extinct creature.

One ludicrous viewer commented: “Nice video.”

A second asked: “Are you shocked when you travel back far based on what you see current time versus your time or are you used to it?

“Can everyone see you during the time your in?”

Many took the opportunity to request that the so-called time traveller revealed his machine.

A third wild viewer stated: “I’m not sure about this guy, but time travel is real.”

One person said: “The picture fake! All 100% FAKE!”

A second added: “The shadow is wrong but nice try”.

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