TikTok user who filmed ‘ghost’ lurking behind him has seen creepy figure before

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A TikTok user who sparked concerns for his safety when a “ghost” appeared behind him while he danced has given a chilling update.

Millions saw @reubix_cube’s clip last week, in which he performed choreographed moves to the Doja Cat song Say So when a sinister-looking figure appeared on the stairs behind him.

The TikTok user, real name Rueben, claimed he was “stomach sick” after fans pointed out the spooky apparition.

Now, Rueben has shared a new update – claiming it is not the first time a spooky figure has been seen in his house in proof that his original video “wasn’t staged”.

This weird ‘ghost’ was caught on camera in 2015 according to TikTok user @reubix_cube

“Hey guys, kind of a big update,” he says in the clip. “This is a video for the people who think it’s staged.

“In about 2012/2013 I had renovations done in my house and I made this video for my grandparents. I recorded it and sent it and thought nothing more of it.

“In 2015, I was going through old files on my photo and I came across this video.

“It didn’t get any attention.”

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‘Ghosts’ on camera

The clip shows Reuben walking past a room in his house when he suddenly spots a ghostly figure looking out of his window.

When he darts his camera back to the same spot, the strange shape has disappeared.

But viewers were split over the authenticity of the new video, with some suggesting it was staged and the “ghost” looked too much like a person in a sheet.

The original 'ghost' spotted in @reubix_cube's TikTok dance video
The original ‘ghost’ spotted in @reubix_cube’s TikTok dance video

“That’s a full-on person,” one commented, while another agreed, saying: “Pfft I almost believed all this until I saw this video.”

Even spookier, Reuben has offered another update, where he claims there is something odd about his basement.

He said a strange symbol appeared on the ground in 2011 and took people on a virtual tour, explaining its mysterious origins.

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“First off, it’s not a demonic symbol, it’s not a devil symbol, it’s not a demon symbol, it’s what I’ve been told is a Celtic symbol,” he said.

“It appeared on my basement around 2010 or 2011, or at least that’s when I noticed it was there.”

The image appeared to be a faded symbol. Viewers flocked to offer their suggestions, with some saying it was associated with witchcraft.

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