SWAT team deployed to take out rampaging monkeys after 50 tourists attacked


A crazed monkey bit over 50 people before it was cornered and taken out by a swat team armed with tranquillisers.

The rampaging the two-year-old male simian ran amok for weeks, biting locals and even army officers who were drafted in to ensnare it.

According to local reports, the animal unleashed havoc at the Ganga colony, in Jaipur, near Khatipura Mod, when attempts to capture it backfired and made it even more aggressive.

The monkey continued to go on the run for 20 days before it was cornered.

The situation got so out of hand wanted signs had to be installed asking locals for help in locating the animal.

It took weeks for the crazed primate to be caught, in that time over 50 people were attacked and wanted posters were put up

During this time it leapt out of undergrowth to attack and bite tourists visiting the in the forest nursery park.

Desperate officials in Jaipur finally had to call for a forestry department swat team to take the animal out with a tranquilliser gun.

Dr Arvind Mathur said told The Times of India: “To tranquillise a monkey is a difficult task as it is on the move constantly. I visited the area a number of times, but couldn’t locate it.

“We shared our contact details with the residents to inform us if the animal was seen anywhere.”

The animal was eventually trapped on January 8, in the toilet block in the village of Ganga colony, a suburb of Ashok Nagar.

Monkeys are running amok in India and attacks on humans are on the rise

Dr Mathur said: “It was a herculean task. We had to drill the ventilator, so that dart could be aimed.

Despite measures to control them, Indian’s monkey crisis appears to be carrying on unbated. In another recent report from central Indian, a whole village was targeted by a troop of 400 marauding primates .

Around 20 families, sick of being assaulted and having their fields and homes raided by the opportunist macaques, fled the village near the city of Hyderabad.

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The village chief says the monkeys have become increasingly aggressive and opportunistic, stealing food out of villagers’ hands and attacking women, children and elderly people.

After a mass campaign to capture to macaques, some villagers have reportedly started to return home from exile.

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