Spooked man spots ‘brother’s ghost’ near house as ‘black shadow’ appears in eerie video

Roberto said he noticed a

A man was left terrified after re-watching his mobile phone footage to see his “brother’s ghost” appearing in the background.

Roberto Morales, from San Diego in California, US, took to TikTok and shared what he noticed to viewers.

He explained in the clip: “My brother died by suicide in his house on November 18, 2020.

“Strange thing passes in front of the silver SUV. We believe it’s his spirit roaming in the house.”

The short clip shows a man unloading a bag of cement from the back of a pickup truck.

As he carries it on his shoulder and walks away, a dark shadow appears to be walking past at the front.

Roberto said he noticed a ‘ghost’ roaming outside the house where his late brother died

Roberto was convinced that the apparition was his brother roaming around the area and later shared screenshots of similar “ghost sightings” he noticed inside his house.

He claimed to have seen a “mad face” appear in a mirror and believed that it was the same as the one in the truck video.

Viewers who watched the clips were spooked and admitted they thought it could be his brother.

One said: “If you look at his past videos of his brother’s room, it’s the same face in the mirror.”

Another wrote: “I see the face so clearly it gave me chills.”

He also claimed the 'same figure' appeared inside his house in another occasion
He also claimed the ‘same figure’ appeared inside his house in another occasion

But some said the shadow appeared to be a “man with his hoodie on”.

One eagle-eyed viewer noticed the clothes line at the background moved right before the shadow appeared.

She shared her thoughts and explained: “The wire from the side of the pink house moves and it goes across to the other side.

“It moves when something passes by. The ghost is not real.”

A second added: “And right when the video stops, you can hear him say ‘ay wey’.”

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