Snapchat weighs what was once unthinkable – permanent…


Snapchat recently rolled-out an updated privacy policy for its popular photo-based messaging app.

The chat app, which first launched back in 2011, has gained huge traction among younger users.

Photos, videos and text messages sent within Snapchat are ephemeral and can’t be viewed again once they have been opened by the recipient.

The latest update to the privacy policy, which was pushed-out alongside a new version of the app, makes some significant changes.

‘We know your trust is earned every time you use Snapchat, or any of our other products — that’s why we treat your information differently than most other tech companies,’ the app claims.

Snapchat says it will not ‘stockpile your private messages’ nor does it ‘showcase a timeline of everything you’ve ever posted’ — a comment aimed squarely at its biggest rival, Facebook.

However, the app does collect some information on its users.

· Your Smartphone: Snapchat collects information on the phone you’re using, including the make and model, operating system version, apps installed, web browser type, default language, battery level, and time zone, whether you have headphones connected, wireless network connections, mobile phone number, service provider, and signal strength.

· Your Content: Snapchat keeps some information on the content you create within the app, like custom stickers, and details on whether the recipient viewed the content.

· Your Snapchat Use: Snapchat keeps a record of how you interact with its services, such as which filters you view or apply to Snaps, which Stories you watch on Discover, whether you’re using Spectacles, or which search queries you submit. It will also record the number of messages you exchange with friends, which friends you exchange messages with the most, and whether you open the messages you’re sent, or capture a screenshot.

· Your Camera and Photos: With your permission, Snapchat will collect and use photographs and other information from your phone’s camera and photo library.

· Your Location: With your permission, Snapchat says it will collect information about your precise location using methods that include GPS, wireless networks, cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, and other sensors, such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and compasses.

Snapchat says this information is primarily used to develop and improve its products and services.

In other cases, your data will be used to personalise the app by, among other things, suggesting friends or profile information, or customizing the content displayed in your app, like ads.

Snapchat keeps some information (like your name, phone number and email address) for as long as you hold an account with the service, while others (location information is associated with a Snap) is only kept until the Snap is opened and disappears.

You can view the full updated privacy policy on Snapchat’s website here

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