Rush Limbaugh’s Conservative Radio Show Will Remain On Air as Programmers, Podcasters Seek to Fill Void


For Rush Limbaugh, the late conservative media magnate whose brash and unapologetic voice dominated talk radio for over three decades, the show will go on.

“The Rush Limbaugh Show” will continue, using archived segments and clips, primarily airing Mr. Limbaugh’s voice “until his audience is prepared to say goodbye,” Premiere Networks, which distributes the show, said in a memo to affiliates. It will continue to air in its regular noon to 3 p.m. time slot Monday through Friday.

“No one can replace Rush Limbaugh,” said Hosea Belcher, senior vice president of affiliate marketing for iHeartMedia Inc.’s Premiere Networks.

He died at age 70 from complications from lung cancer, his wife Kathryn Rogers announced on his radio show Wednesday.

Even with his show’s continuation, Mr. Limbaugh’s passing leaves a void in the world of talk radio. Millions of loyal listeners are left wondering how they will spend the three hours in the middle of every weekday they devoted to listening to his acerbic takes on political, social and economic issues. For the podcast and radio industry, Mr. Limbaugh’s shoes are difficult, if not impossible, to fill.

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