Randy swingers’ secret ice lolly signal you need to be wary of on holiday in the UK

Swingers have been discussing the signal on Facebook

Swingers are using Fab lolly wrappers to signal to fellow wife-swappers on holiday.

Randy campers stick pictures of the treat in a window to let them know they are ready to romp.

The ruse was inspired by popular adult website Fabswingers.

Lusty campers posted on a Facebook page called Fab Camping and Motorhomes.

One curious newcomer asked: “Do you all have stickers or something to say we’re swingers? How do you let people in the know, know?”

Another was quick to show him the ropes and wrote: “We have a Fab lollipop sticker on our camper.”

And another member, called Ivan, said: “Fab ice cream stickers is on my van.”

Swingers have been discussing the signal on Facebook

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Swinger Anne shared a snap of her own Fab banner – stuck to a window with drips of condensation running down it. She wrote: “Like us.”

“Jennie” also had the ploy licked, adding: “We put a fab lolly sticker on our van.”

Pampas grass growing in a garden was once claimed to be the secret symbol that a householder was ready to indulge in some saucy shenanigans.

The foliage is now in huge demand after Instagram flower arrangers began a trend for using it in arrangements.

Other secret swinging signals include wearing a black ring on your right hand.

Wife-swappers use special signals to let others know they're ready to romp
Wife-swappers use special signals to let others know they’re ready to romp

A pineapple decoration in your front garden is also said to be a giveaway.

Having a hot tub was once considered a come-on, but lockdown has sparked huge demand for the mini pools.

Ross Phillipson, sales director at Hot Tubs Superstore in Blackpool said: “The biggest misconception is that hot tubs are the preserve of swingers, indulgent Premiership footballers or flashy types who live in Essex.

“In fact, they are now bought by anyone and everyone.”

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