Radio presenter reveals he poos in his HANDS: ‘You’re so disgusting’


On this week’s episode of the Bully and the Beast, presenter Lore’l told co-host Wax that he was in need of a manicure after noticing he had dirty fingernails.

And after jokingly asking if he had been handling “s**t”, Wax revealed that he wasn’t “playing” with his faeces but he does do it directly into a tissue.

Wax said: “I’m saying I sh*t in a tissue, just like we all touch s**t before.”

Lore’l interjected: “I have never s*****d into a tissue before.”

Wax replied: “You touch s**t every single day if you s**t.”

An obviously baffled Lore’l begins to question her fellow presenter on why he grabs his faeces.

The red-faced presenter soon realises that the production set’s staff were all staring at him with clueless faces.

He asked: “So you’re telling me that you let the doo-doo fall into the toilet?

“You don’t catch it every time?

RED-FACED: The presenter was left-red faced after the revelation (Pic: YOUTUBE)

“I’ve been catching it all these years.”

The set erupts into laughter with Lore’l stating she was about to leave, adding: “I’m disgusted, I feel like I can’t continue.”

In a bid to wrap his head around the standard bathroom etiquette, Wax persists in questioning about other’s practices.

Lore’l inquisitively questions her co-host on what he does when he suffers from diarrhoea.

“You wash your hands, why do you think people wash their hands?” he replied.

Pair of presenters

FAIL: The man accidentally revealed the embarrassing trait (Pic: YOUTUBE)

Seeking further confirmation on the bizarre revelation, Lore’l asks: “You s**t in your hand?”

Wax adamantly replies: “With a tissue.”

His shocked co-presenter replies: “This is worse than I thought.”

Since the clip was uploaded to Loud Speaker Network’s YouTube channel scores of listeners have flooded in to share their thoughts on the segment.

One viewer said: “This can’t be real. No way.

“My brain just will not compute what my eyes and ears just experienced.”

Another added: “I crashed the forklift at work when I heard this.”

A third said: “Wax is hilarious.”

The red-faced presenter later uploaded a clip to Instagram claiming that he must have been taught wrong.

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