Notre Dame fire: Prophet ‘predicted blaze more than 80 years ago’

Notre Dame fire prophet

Researcher Bibiana Bryson guards hundreds of “prophetic” paintings by Argentinian Benjamin Solari Parravicini, who died in 1974.  

She started going through them after Paris’ beloved cathedral was gutted by the blaze on Monday. 

In one drawing from 1938, Parravicini writes: “Paris will be destroyed by huge fire.”

It appears to show the River Seine – including the island on which Notre Dame stands – with the words Paris written around it. 

The letter r is separated from the others, which Bryson believes could be significant. 

BIZARRE: Benjamin Solari Parravicini’s painting (right) apparently heralds clues (Pic: CEN)

She argues the r stands for relics – signifying the Crown of Thorns, a piece of the Cross and nails used in Jesus’ crucifixion, supposedly held in Notre Dame. 

Bryson also claims she can see the shape of the cathedral spire, at the point it was about to collapse. 

She said: “It was obvious the intention was to indicate something of importance and to my surprise the relationship came up immediately in my mind.

“Although the text mentions the destruction of Paris by a great fire, we cannot affirm it must be literal… and more than one prophet predicts the destruction of the French capital by flames.

“What happened at Notre Dame could be more than an isolated disaster, it could indicate more terrible events to come.

“It was obvious the intention was to indicate something of importance”

Researcher Bibiana Bryson

“Just to mention that the main entrance of the cathedral is called ‘Puerta del Juicio final’ (Door of the Final Judgment), it shakes the soul.”

Parravicini, who claimed to have predicted World War I, was obsessed with angels, fairies and spirits since childhood.

Lesley Rowan, 38, from Alexandria in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, said she could see Jesus in images of the devastating blaze that wrecked the medieval icon.

She was reading about the tragic incident when she noticed the supposed outline of Christ in the inferno.

Writing on Facebook, Lesley said: “I may be letting my mind play tricks on me here, folks take a close look at this picture and what do you see.”

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