Nimitz UFO ‘could be AI craft with human traits’ that knew location of Navy

The USS Nimitz UFO has been officially classified as a UAP by the Navy

The USS Nimitz “Tic Tac” UFO could actually be piloted by humanlike AI or living humans “not from this Earth”, according to a UFO researcher.

Diane Tessman, the author of Future Humans and the UFOs , explained that the USS Nimitz returned to same space year after year and entire “squadrons” had been seen on radar shortly before the encounter.

The Nimitz UFO has officially been classified as a UAP – or “unidentified aerial phenomena” – by the US Navy in a move that caused shockwaves around the UFO research world.

Diane told Daily Star Online: “The Navy did manoeuvres in Southern California between San Diego and Tijuana every year there and these Tic Tacs had been spotted by our regular operators on previous days and they had seen squadrons of them, many of them together.

The USS Nimitz UFO has been officially classified as a UAP by the Navy

“They would have known the Navy was doing manoeuvres there and they didn’t seem to care that they were seen and not only that but the Tic Tacs engaged in a cat-and-mouse kind of game.

“And so I profiled the Tic Tacs in a forensic profiling manner and I said their behaviour seems to be human to me.

“They show pride and arrogance like the fighter jet pilots do to be in a contest, a non-violent contest, and the Tic Tac pilots seem to have the advanced technologies.”

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In fact, Diane reckons that the intelligence piloting the mysterious craft is not only humanlike but actually human – our own species time travelling from the future to observe its history.

She said: “My answer to the entire UFO puzzle is that it is us from the future rather than ETs and as far as the tic-tacs go I don’t think it can be anything of this Earth or of this time period that’s kind of the conclusion reached by experts.”

The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was in 'the same place every year' says Diane Tessman
The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was in ‘the same place every year’ says Diane Tessman

Talking more about the traits of the UFO, Diane said: “Commander Fravor said that he was chasing one of them and it ended up behind him all of a sudden it flew back over him. And so these seem like hotshot military pilots on both sides.”

Diane said she had “psychologically profiled” the behaviour of this chase and said she saw it as a “cat-and-mouse game” between two competitors which she says is “so human”.

The UAP 'played a game of cat-and-mouse' with US Navy pilots
The UAP ‘played a game of cat-and-mouse’ with US Navy pilots

If aliens had been piloting the UAP, Diane thinks things would have gone very differently.

“It might have, we don’t know how they would act, they might fire on the jet pilots or they might be so peaceful that they’d be totally upset at the manoeuvres the jet pilots were doing, chasing them and all, and they might just leave,” she said.

“But these Tic Tacs didn’t leave, they seemed to expect it and I wonder if possibly they want disclosure now if the time has come and we sort of need a drip-drip of UFO or UAP disclosure, that the Tic Tacs are saying ‘here we are.’”

Commander Fravor has previously revealed that tapes of the mysterious encounter with the Nimitz UAP had gone missing even though he had been careful to make copies.

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