NASA cuts ISS feed after ‘UFO caught watching Astronauts during spacewalk’


During the astronaut’s walk around the outside of the international space station, a small object appears in the background seemingly hovering near the Earth’s atmosphere.

Conspiracist YouTube channel Secureteam10 shared the video yesterday, claiming NASA cut the feed after the footage showed a UFO “watching the astronauts”.

In the video, the astronauts POV footage displays them doing some work on the outside of the space station.

The live feed is transmitting with good quality and shows no sign of interference or disruption.

In the background, however, a circular object comes into view while approaching the Earth’s atmospheric horizon.

The footage becomes glitchy and multicoloured before it cuts out, giving the viewers a blank blue screen.

After cutting out, Tyler, the channel’s owner, said: “The feed cut coincidentally happens right as the UFO comes into view.”

They know the astronaut doesn’t see it or there’s a delay in communication so they finally end up cutting the feed.

“But a few seconds later, because they can’t leave the feed down for too long because then people will know they’re trying to hide things, you’ll notice an obvious change in what the astronaut is doing and how he is now panning the camera away from the object and back towards the ISS where you can no longer see it.

“Every time one of these ufos appears, we would normally see this blue screen.

FEED CUT: The ISS feed cut after a UFO was spotted (Pic: YOUTUBE / NASA)

“They’re watching the feed, we know that they cut it.

“But it seems like they’re now implementing this sort of interference with the camera that makes it look less of an intended feed cut and I guess it’s to make it look more natural”.

Tyler then went on to claim that whatever was “caught hovering in space was watching the ISS, watching the astronauts or just doing something else”.

“But we know that they (Nasa) saw it,” he added.

Since only being uploaded yesterday the video has received over 90,000 views.

Scores of the conspiracists flooded in to share their thoughts.

One person wildly claimed: “The interference happens when UFOs get close, you’ll see your phone and computers and all kind of digital devices glitch”.


With a third person adding: “Nothing by Nasa is by chance or a fluke, every detail of every frame of every video is constructed to perfection”.

It’s not the first time the ISS feed has been cut.

Elon Musk faced claims that he is covering up alien life after “UFO’s appeared” on a feed before it was cut.

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