NASA admits mystery objects seen from space are ‘unknown’ in unearthed images


NASA cameras have captured three strange objects from a space station – and the agency is unable to explain what they are.

The images on NASA website Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth have re-emerged after being shared to YouTube by controversial conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring.

In one picture from 1985, a snake-like shape like many that have been seen from Earth, floats in the dark background of space.

A second picture from the same year shows an object that bizarrely mimics a screw.

And a third – taken in 1990 – shows a grid-like object hovering above the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil.

One of the objects looked like a grid as it hovered over the Atlantic Ocean

Mysteriously, all the images were classed as “unknown objects” by the space agency – apparently going against commonly-held believes such structures are simply space waste.

Scott – who has gained a reputation in the past for his outlandish claims of spotting badgers on Mars – noticed the baffling sights and shared it to his YouTube channel ET Database yesterday.

He was most fascinated by the snake-like UFO, which he suggested could be “alive”.

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UFOs, Aliens and Outer Space

“It looks like it’s floating around space like an actual animal,” he said.

The conspiracy theorist went on to point out a conversation he had with an astronaut earlier in the year, who said he saw something “that looked like a semi-transparent living creature” outside the ISS.

Hundreds of people have seen the clip since it was posted yesterday.

One wrote: “I was assuming it was a piece of solar panel from a satellite, but if that were the case, it would be burning up as it’s falling back down to Earth.

A NASA site shows how they classified the objects ‘unknown’

“Same with last one…Very strange! Great job as always.”

Another admitted they were “very intrigued” by the images.

But a third was more sceptical, suggesting it was nothing but “space debris”.

It is not the first time strange sights have been spotted in space.

A group of NASA astronauts on the ISS were “ watched by a Space Force craft ” during a walk outside the station, conspiracy theorists claimed.

And some claimed an unusual cloud formation over Earth was caused by “soundwaves from a mystery spacecraft”.

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