Mystery as black flying object above Georgia ‘spotted’ 9,000 miles away in Australia

The circular object spotted above Manly, New South Wales, Australia

Identical black UFOs have been spotted hovering above the US state of Georgia and 9,000 miles away in Australia, a conspiracy theorist has sensationally claimed.

YouTuber MrMBB333 posted the baffling footage to his channel on November 18.

The first sighting – taken above Manly in New South Wales, Australia – shows a circular object seemingly rocking back and forth in the overcast sky.

“Is that what they look like, flying saucers?” an onlooker can be heard asking.

MrMBB333 then claims it was “definitely not a plane” as it “was riding straight up”.

“It didn’t have any lights on it but it reminded me of several pictures from North Georgia,” he continues.

The circular object spotted above Manly, New South Wales, Australia

Several pictures then flash up on screen apparently showing a similar-looking object above Johns Creek in the US state.

“He said the wind started blowing in a circular motion out of nowhere and then he noticed the object and the wind stopped blowing,” MrMBB333 said, quoting witness John S who spotted the “craft”.

Convinced the two objects are identical, the YouTube star then puts them alongside each other.

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“It looks like an intelligently-designed structure,” he adds.

“See the similarities to the one in Australia? They look almost identical in colour, shape and size.”

His video has been since been more than 30,000 times, with viewers quick to voice their thoughts in the comments section.

“It’s most likely the same craft,” one commented. “Distance and time is no challenge for them.”

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Another wrote: “Wow, thanks for the proof. We are not alone in the universe.”

But others were less convinced, suggesting there was a more reasonable explanation.

“It looks like it’s moving like a balloon,” one sceptical user said.

And a fourth had a similar view, saying: “It’s a kids paddling pool.”

The footage comes after an equally baffling sight was spotted hovering in the skies above Arizona.

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