Mysterious orbs fly in diamond formation above Houston while stunned woman films

These white orbs make no sound and move quickly – sparking UFO theories

A strange video of white glowing orbs sailing across the night sky in Houston, Texas has sparked UFO conspiracy theories – with believers saying it’s “not Starlink”.

Footage shows a group of glowing spherical objects appear in the dark sky and move horizontally at a fair speed.

The objects are arranged in a vaguely diamond-shaped pattern, or like a kite that is sideways.

Bizarrely, an object on the far right appears to accelerate until it is closer to the others.

“Wow! That’s nuts! Wow!” says the woman filming on her phone.

“They’re kind of lining up too,” she adds.

“I was thinking they were drones,” her neighbour says.

These white orbs make no sound and move quickly – sparking UFO theories

Lee Wutang, who recorded the video, shared it with conspiracy theory YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 where it has been watched more than 1,000 times.

She told the paranormal channel: ”While out walking my dog, a neighbour pointed out these strange lights in the sky.”

Lee said she lives in the southern side of Houston and recorded the phenomenon about half an hour after sunset.

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She added: “I didn’t observe any sounds coming from the objects.

“If you look closely at the first few seconds of the video you will see several lights clustered together (not in a singular line).

“I’m sharing this for the sake of sharing.

“Has anybody else seen anything similar?”

Viewers of the mysterious footage on the channel said they reckoned it was the “real deal” – with many noting that Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites fly in a straight line rather than this pattern.

The bright objects break formation and one speeds up dramatically
The bright objects break formation and one speeds up dramatically

Also, they noted that one of the objects “speeds up” to catch up with the others which indicates they are not merely being blown in the wind like a balloon.

One wrote: “No flashing lights, so it’s not copters or planes. They look like they’re moving too fast to be drones.

“They’re definitely not balloons. They very likely could be the real deal.”

A second said: “That speed rules out a drone or balloon to catch up to the others would mean, to me, someone is flying it!”

“I promise I am NOT saying they are Starlink. Good capture!” quipped another fan.

Someone else noted: “That doesn’t look like Starlink! All you have to do is look at the footage.

“Starlink is supposed to be equidistant in its coverage.”

Another conspiracy theorist said that “people will not be able to say UFOs and the spiritual world is not real” after the truth about aliens “comes out fully”.

Recently, another UFO “sighting” in the US, this time a cigar-shaped object in Detroit, Michigan, was ruled not to be drones by believers.

And a second “cigar-shaped UFO” was recorded over the Bristol channel in the UK.

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