Mutant goat born with TWO heads and four eyes caught on camera

The goat with two heads

A MUTANT goat born with two heads, four eyes and three ears has been caught on camera for the first time.

The bizarre footage shows the kid with the abnormal head lying on hay in its pen.

It struggles to sit up, leading to the farmer lifting its head.

Another clip appears to show its mum licking it to try and rouse it to its feet.

The owners at the goat farm – in the village of Yezhai in Fuyang City in East China’s Anhui Province – said its pregnant mum struggled to give birth for seven hours due to the size of the creature’s heads.

Breeder Gao Dafo had to assist by pulling the kid out and that was when he noticed its abnormalities.

Incredibly, the double-headed goat was able to see with all four eyes and eat through both mouths.

Sadly, the animal was found dead after just four days.

It had apparently frozen to death in the chilly night-time temperatures.

BIZARRE: A goat born with two heads and four eyes has been caught on camera (Pic: ASIA WIRE)

The goat’s condition is believed to have been caused by a genetic mutation during development.

Yet it isn’t the first time such a baffling sight has been seen.

The internet descended into a frenzy last year when an equally unusual-looking goat was caught on camera.

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