‘Multiple UFOs’ seen swarming around SpaceX craft as it leaves ISS on NASA feed

Conspiracy theorists claim moving blobs behind SpaceX

A swarm of UFOs has been seen surrounding SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship when it left the International Space Station, according to conspiracy theorists.

The live-streamed video of the departure from the ISS, filmed on Tuesday, has sparked wild suggestions that aliens and UFOs are watching us.

In the NASA clip, a multitude of shapes can be seen behind the SpaceX Dragon, which some people say is conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

At certain points, bright objects can be seen hurtling past the spacecraft.

Youtube conspiracy channel Disclose Screen has claimed that there were “literally hundreds of UFO orbs seen around Space X Dragon departure”.

Conspiracy theorists claim moving blobs behind SpaceX’s Dragon are UFOs

“That was insane,” one viewer commented in appreciation. “Those orbs are everywhere.”

Posting an alien emoji, another believer said: “Wow that’s amazing how many!”

“Those 100s of UFO orbs seen around SpaceX seem nice,” wrote a third conspiracy theorist.

However, some viewers were more sceptical, with one person pouring cold water on the UFO theory and insisting that what could be seen was in fact debris.

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Commenting on the live stream, they wrote: “Specks of debris from either ISS or Dragon; usually thrust propellant.

“Nothing concerning.”

Suggesting the blobs were chunks of ice, a second person said: “Also, there is interstellar dust floating around in space, which tends to be more dense closer to a planet’s gravitational pull.

“It is made up of CO, silicon carbide, amorphous silicate, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, water ice, and polyformaldehyde, among other smaller particles.”

Space X's Dragon was filmed departing the ISS after delivering cargo
Space X’s Dragon was filmed departing the ISS after delivering cargo

This comes days after a “triangular UFO” was filmed above Texas and about a week after a similar sighting of an alleged triangle UFO in New York .

And conspiracy theorists have also claimed that a UFO was visible in TV footage of a rally held in Iran following the assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

Meanwhile, a believer recently told Daily Star Online that the creation of Donald Trump’s brainchild Space Force will lead to more UFO sightings than ever.

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