Melania Trump ‘body double’ conspiracy reignites as FLOTUS casts vote for US election

The bonkers Melania Trump

Bonkers claims that First Lady Melania Trump is using a body double have been reignited once more as she cast her vote for the US Election.

Melania cast her ballot in Palm Beach County, Florida, yesterday (November 3) away from her husband Donald Trump – who voted over the weekend.

Cameras captured her exiting her car wearing a sleeveless white dress with her trademark sunglasses.

The former model, who contracted coronavirus last month, sparked controversy for deciding not to wear a face mask.

But that wasn’t the only talking point of the 50-year-old’s visit.

Some conspiracy fans bizarrely claimed the person caught on camera in Florida was not Melania at all and in fact her infamous “body double”.

The bonkers Melania Trump ‘body double’ conspiracy has been reignited

One viewer posted a grab of Melania from the video, captioning it: “Fake Melania?”

Another who wrongly thought FLOTUS had already voted, said: “I thought Melania already voted by mail, then in person, then in person again? Or, did Fake Melania vote?”

While a third asked: “Was it the real Melania or the fake Melania?” And someone else added: “That does not look like Melania.”

The baffling conspiracy theory has been around ever since Donald Trump won the US election in 2016.

Melania with her husband US President Donald Trump
Melania with her husband US President Donald Trump

The US president himself has been forced to deny the rumours on Twitter but the wild rumours have refused to go away.

Just last month, the theory was reignited with a photo of Melania outside the White House.

The former model – whose face was half-hidden by her signature oversized sunglasses – appeared to have a smaller, wider nose in the photo, as well as squarer teeth than usual.

Although it was likely just a trick of the light, conspiracy fans jumped on the snap like wildfire.

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