McDonald’s duck rescue turns into brawl, two men arrested


ALTERCATION: The whereabouts of the duck are not currently known (Pic: Getty)

Lee Gaudoin and Neil Edwards-Cecil popped into their local McDonald’s for a cheeseburger after a birthday drink-up and discovered that a duck had somehow waddled in and was unable to get out.

They managed to usher the anatine intruder out of Maccy D’s but then things got a bit out of hand. Staff asked the pair to leave and it’s fair to say that things kicked off.

Eventually police were called. Attending officers – who reported that both Gaudoin and Edwards-Cecil smelled strongly of drink – warned the offenders to stop swearing but Gaudoin tried to grab one of the officer’s stab vests and ended up falling to the floor.

Even there, he resisted arrest, kicking out at the officers and continuing to use foul language. One of the police officers used a PAVA spray to incapacitate him but Edwards-Cecil tried to intervene.

When told to step away he said: “I have done nothing wrong, you have chucked my f***ing mate on the floor.”

One of the officers officer told him: “Swear one more time and you are being locked up,” to which Edwards-Cecil responded: “I don’t give a s***.”

HEARING: Chester Magistrates’ Court (file photo) (Pic: Getty)

“”I had gone out for my 40th birthday, gone to McDonald’s to get some food and there was a duck””

Neil Edwards-Cecil

Both pleaded guilty at Chester Magistrates Court to abusive behaviour and resisting a constable and were each given a 12-month conditional discharge.

Adam Antoszkiw, acting for Gaudoin, said the incident was “completely stupid” and out of character for the defendant.

He told the court: “He goes into McDonald’s and there is a duck in there but for whatever reason he gets very aerated.”

Mr Antoszkiw added that Gaudoin was in full-time employment and lived a quiet life on his own with a dog, but on this one occasion alcohol got the better of him in “very much an isolated incident”.

RESCUE: The men had, in the first instance, tried to save the lost duck (file pic) (Pic: Getty)

Defending himself, Edwards-Cecil told the court: “I just want to apologise for my behaviour. I had gone out for my 40th birthday, gone to McDonald’s to get some food and there was a duck.

“I don’t know how it escalated from there.

“To be honest I am ashamed for the way I have acted.”

Edwards-Cecil added he could now lose his job as a garage mechanic.

He said: “This will never happen again, I am not like this.”

As well as the conditional discharge, both defendants were ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

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