Man has split penis reconstructed with honey after his gentiles eroded


A man has had his split penis reconstructed with manuka honey after the skin peeled off leaving him unable to have sex.

The man, who first went to the doctor with a foreskin that was too tight, was found to have multiple non-cancerous tumours all over his gentiles.

The tumours caused an infection in the 55-year-old Danish man’s member, causing the skin to separate.

The condition, called penile denudation, was at first unsuccessfully treated with skin grafts before doctors turned to manuka honey.

The tissue of the man’s penis peeled away after he developed tumours

Dressings of the all-natural miracle honey, which has antibacterial properties, were applied with “a satisfying outcome” after a 52 day treatment program, a medical report in the International Journal of Surgery Case has concluded.

After two weeks the tissue began to heal, it was reported, and by the end of the treatment he was able to have sex again.

Doctors said the results proved honey could be used instead of antibiotics in the future and treat killer strains of infection like MRSA.

The report said: “The growing challenge of bacterial resistance to antibiotics has led to the development of several options of conservative wound treatment.

“None of them have shown the combined wound healing attributes found in medical-grade honey.”

Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties set it apart from traditional honey

The honey is made from bees in Australia and New Zealand from nectar collected from manuka trees and has proven anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Dr Tet Yap, advisor urologist at The Princess Grace Hospital, a part of HCA UK, told MailOnline: “Manuka honey accommodates a naturally -occurring enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide.

“This enzyme is an antiseptic with superior antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which assist to stimulate the pores and skin’s cells.

“Because of this, medical grade manuka honey has been reportedly utilized in some hospitals to deal with wounds and to assist stimulate the immune system, by offering vitamins for cell metabolism, decreased irritation and speedy tissue restore.”

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