Kebab fans trolled by shop ‘owner’ after leaving negative Trip Advisor reviews


Disappointed punters who left Trip Advisor reviews for a Glasgow kebab shop have been mercilessly trolled by the owner.

Or at least someone claiming to be the owner.

The ironically-named Best Kebab, which has some of the worst Trip Advisor reviews ever posted, is rated 211th out of 212 takeaways on Glasgow.

Reviewers have described the fare on offer as “the worst kebab I have ever experienced” and “an over-salty disgusting pink-looking mess.”

More than one diner claimed to have needed medical treatment after eating Best Kebab’s food and one person wondered whether the chicken kebab was in fact made out of something else entirely.

Numerous reviews speculated whether the local environmental health officer ought to be taking an interest.

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But Best Kebab wasn’t taking the criticism lying down.

A Trip Advisor member named Big Mohammed, who describes themselves as the owner of Best Kebab, has taken to responding to the most negative reviews.

Mohammed sees himself as something of an online comedian, developing a number of catchphrases of which his favourite seems to be “you’re barred”.

One review which read: “This place should be closed down. The food is over priced, cold and disgusting. Think environmental health should pay it a visit.

Mohammed replied: “I’ll pay you a visit, barred!”

Daily Star Online approached Trip Advisor to confirm whether ‘Big Mohammed’ was the verified owner of Best Kebab but they were unable to comment.

However another review on the site described the owner as a “wee angry midget man and “an abusive, aggressive man,” so it’s altogether possible that the owner and Big Mohammed are one and the same.

Reviewers also pointed out that, considering the quality of the food on offer, best Kebab’s prices are alarmingly high.

One review, which dates back to August last year, read: “Went for lunch today and wanted chips cheese and kebab meat with pakora sauce and was getting charged £12 which I did not get, the guy makes his own prices up. He should be closed down. He also called people ba****ds”

Big Mohammed, true to form, responded: “The only person making stuff up is you dafty, barred!”

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