Indian Army claim they find footprints of YETI


EXPERTS: The Indian army patrol the region regularly and know the territory well (Pic: ADG PI / Twitter)

Nevetheless tales of a huge man-like creature that lives in the snowy mountains of Nepal and Tibet have circulated for centuries.

Footprints have often been seen but physical evidence has proven more elusive.

In one remarkable development, hair samples thought to have been left behind by a Yeti in India and Bhutan were found to be from a polar bear.

That bear is thought to have been extinct since the paleolithic era, which raises more questions than it answers.

ANOMALOUS: Could these footprints have been left by a distant cousin of humanity? (Pic: ADG PI / Twitter)

Now mountaineers from the Indian army on a expedition in Nepal have published photos of mysterious large footprints in the snow that they think belong to the Yeti, or the ‘abominable snowman’.

In a tweet accompanied by pictures, the Indian army said it had sighted footprints measuring 32 by 15 inches (81 by 38 cm) close to a camp near Mount Makalu on April 9.

The tweet read: “For the first time, an Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition Team has sited Mysterious Footprints of mythical beast ‘Yeti’.”

But the tweet has been met with ridicule by some.


MYSTERIOUS: The Indian Army team couldn’t explain the strange tracks in the snow (Pic: ADG PI / Twitter)

UNEXPLAINED: The prints don’t seem to be the track of any known animal (Pic: ADG PI / Twitter)

Twitter user Anusuya pointed out that the ‘footprints’ are in a single line, saying: “What the hell is wrong with you guys? Just look at those pics for heaven’s sake. That’s not a bipedal. Couldn’t you guys call a single animal expert before posting this?

“Unless you are claiming your Yeti walks on a single foot and travels by jumping.”

A point echoed by quite a few others.

Amit Pasari said: “This is difinitely not a Yeti such a heavy creature cannot limp on one foot…the photos shows only one continuous impression... the Indian Army should seriously investigate this incidence and come forward with a realistic conclusion.”

Twitter user Nymeria came up with a good explanation for the single-line ‘Yeti’ tracks:

As is so often the case, though, there is no hard evidence for the myterious ape-man of the Himalayas.

That said, a new species of carnivorous raccooon was discovered in South America in 2013, and a new species of deer was identified in Vietnam in 1994, so there’s still hope for the yeti.

Do you think he’s out there?

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