Incredible new US Navy footage captures 150mph UFO ‘descending into water’

The spherical object spotted by the crew of the USS Omaha

Incredible footage has emerged of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hurtling towards the sea in front of a US Navy combat ship before submerging without any damage.

The astonishing unclassified video has been posted by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who famously shared footage of “pyramid” UFOs captured by crew of the USS Russell in July 2019.

Jeremy had previously shared screenshots of the encounter but has now released the video to his website

Taken by the Combat Information Center (CIC) of the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019, the clip shows a black spherical object hurtling through the sky.

To begin with, it seems much the same as the infamous USS Nimitz encounter as well as the previously released pyramid UFOs.

The spherical object spotted by the crew of the USS Omaha

But then something truly bizarre happens.

The objects descends towards the ocean surface and suddenly disappears as it appears to submerge into the water.

“Whoah, it’s splashed,” an officer behind the camera, audibly stunned, can be heard saying.

The object was traveling at speeds from 46mph to 158mph during the sighting.

According to Jeremy, no wreckage was found and none of the unknown craft was recovered.

The craft suddenly submerged underneath the water
The craft suddenly submerged underneath the water

A submarine was even reportedly deployed to hunt for the UFO but found nothing.

The craft, Jeremy says, remains unidentified.

It appears to prove the theory that many of the UFOs encountered by US Navy officials are transmedium vehicles – meaning they can operate both in the are and underwater.

“They can move from one medium [air] to the next [sea] with ease,” Jeremy previously told Daily Star.

A US Navy officer looking at radar
It is the latest video taken by the US Navy to be released

The filmmaker, who has previously produced documentaries for Netflix, has told this site in the past that US Navy officials have discussed the possibility that UFOs are coming from an underwater base.

“As you would have an embassy in a foreign land, it is possible that there’s a congregation or a station or a location underwater, where UFOs could be transiting from once they’re here, wherever they come from,” he said.

“That is a possibility that UFOs are transiting from a localised place underneath the water.”

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