Huge ‘fiery object’ appears outside ISS before NASA live feed mysteriously cuts

The bizarre footage appeared to capture a green, fiery object from the International Space Stations feed

A fiery object has been captured on the ISS live feed bizarrely travelling through space while illuminating green.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by conspiracist Disclose Screen The Grimreefar.

In the clip, the narrator says: “The camera was panning left when it was picking up these things in space until the camera eventually picks up the Earth in frame.

“What were these things moving past the camera yesterday?

“I can not fathom what these things were.”

The footage captured the void of pitch-black space. Out of the corner of the top of the screen, a green object appears to emerge.

The bizarre footage appeared to capture a green, fiery object from the International Space Stations feed

The object appears to illuminate bright colours as debris of orange and green is seen scattered throughout the sky.

Moments after the feed, appears to cut off.

Text flashes on screen claiming the feed may have been interrupted due to either loss of signal or for station operational purposes.

In the extended clip, an orange object then appears once more within the depths of space.

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UFOs, Aliens and Outer Space

Hundreds have since watched the clip, with one person saying: “It looks like something from the deepest depths of our oceans.”

Another said: “That looks like a big ass ship.

“With cloaking technology that makes it look like the background of space.”

A third person asked if it was “satellite-based weapons to guard the Earth”.

“Is it me or does it look like the bigger ships are pulsating?” one viewer bizarrely added.

Not everyone believed the footage captured anything out of the ordinary, though.

One person believed it was just “space junk”.

It comes after ” two moons ” were filmed appearing from within the clouds.

As the moon moves from behind the clouds and behind another, a light illuminating object begins to appear.

What seems to be another bright moon appears from behind the clouds before lighting up the sky and travelling upwards.

It soon disappears behind a cluster of clouds.

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