Google Earth spots ‘secret spy plane’ in US military base near Area 51

Tonopah Test Range

A SECRET government project has been exposed hiding inside a military base that was blurred for eight years, according to outrageous claims online. 

Google Earth hit headlines earlier this week after it failed to reveal a military site in southwestern Nevada for almost a decade.

The base, rumoured to be used for experimental weapon testing was shown as a series of dry lake beds in the Tonopah Test Range between 2008 and 2016. 

Located about 70 miles northwest of the Area 51 facility, satellite images were finally released following a public outcry. 

But conspiracists now think they’ve made a bombshell spot in the area dubbed “Area 52”.

“This is some sort of very secretive flying aircraft”

Tyler Glockner

Video footage shows a mysterious light object hanging out the front of an aircraft hanger. 

And it appears to be blurred out. 

“This is some sort of very secretive flying aircraft,” Tyler Glockner from secureteam10 revealed. 

“What is also interesting is nearby, there are other military vehicles sitting outside which are not blurred.

BIZARRE: Coudl this be a secret military jet? (Pic: GOOGLE)

“This one has been purposely airbrushed – it is very suspicious. 

“And not to mention it has been found inside a range that was also censored for eight years.”

Tyler uploaded the video to his YouTube channel on October 31, where it has since racked up almost 250,000 hits. 

And viewers were also stunned. 

“Someone needs to take a road trip out to the Nevada desert,” one revealed. 

Another added: “The military is hiding something from other countries.”

And a third claimed: “It’s secret government technology and is built to protect our country.”

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