Ghosts of former president and pet that nibbles on feet haunt the White House

Abraham Lincoln

Iconic presidential home the White House was built in October 1792 and so of course the vast majority of its politically important occupants have passed on.

So it’s understandable that some spirits may be lingering in its walls as the torch is passed on to the newest elected President.

To mark Independence Day in the USA, the Daily Star has taken a dive into the reports of hauntings inside the White House, which includes visits from Abraham Lincoln and a ghost that loves to nibble on feet.

Back in 2009 when the Obama family first took up their post at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they began having some eerie experiences.

Abraham Lincoln is famously believed to haunt the White House

The then-first lady Michelle Obama told visiting school children that she and husband President Barack Obama sometimes heard strange noises in the hallway at night, according to Voa News.

They also reported feeling something nibble and play with their feet – now, we certainly hope that wasn’t a former president!

It is in fact believed to be that of a long-dead White House pet – but experts believe they wouldn’t be surprised if they had visits from Lincoln’s ghost too.

Barack and Michelle Obama
The Obamas claimed to feel something nibbling their toes at night

Folklorist Debra Lattanzi Shutika told the news site: “I imagine that President Lincoln was really proud to have an African American family in the White House after the sacrifices he made.

“But as far as the unexplained sounds and feelings, I would chalk that up to there just being spiritual energy in the house from people who’ve been there before.”

Earlier this year, Joe Biden‘s staff made comments during a press briefing about Lincoln’s ghost being in the White House. Biden was Vice President during Obama’s service.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden is the current President of the United States

The current president’s press secretary said: “Maybe it’s Lincoln’s ghost.” while being interrupted by creaky floors.

Lincoln’s Ghost, otherwise known as The White House Ghost, is said to have haunted the White House since his death in 1865.

His spirit has also been said to haunt many of his former residences in Springfield, Illinois including his former law office.

The notable people who are believed to have encountered him include Jenna Bush Hager (daughter of George W Bush), Ronald Reagan and even former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Jenna claims to have heard 1920s piano music coming from the fireplace in their bedroom, whereas Reagan claims his dog would always bark at the door of Lincoln’s bedroom.

George Bush
The daughters of George Bush claimed to hear piano music

Churchill also claimed to see Lincoln’s ghost when he stayed in that room.

The ghoulish president, who was assassinated in 1865, never slept in the chamber but he did use it as an office.

White House Historical Association historian Lina Mann said: “It has this really well-known bed called the Lincoln bed that was purchased by Mary Todd Lincoln during their time in White House and it’s unlikely that he actually slept in the bed, but other presidents have slept in the bed.

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“And, of course, since that was a space where he had an office, it is like the Lincoln room.”

Many speculated that the reason why his spirit lingers is due to the nature of his death by violent assassination, as he had a lot of unfinished business left behind.

Lattanzi Shutika advised: “Make sure that you don’t have unclosed chapters in your life so that when you do die, you can rest in peace.”

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