Ghost news: Shop worker runs in terror after mysterious happenings

CCTV footage of the mysterious happenings

A SERIES of chilling events sent a shop working fleeing in terror in CCTV footage.

The clip begins with the worker inspecting the empty shop floor, before a packet of crisps suddenly flies off the shelf.

He appears startled and was quickly runs out of shot in panic.

Moments later, a second packet falls to the ground seemingly of its own accord.

A fridge door running parallel to the crisps shelf then swings open with great force before slamming shut.

One of the packets of crisps on the ground begins to move around – despite nobody being visible on the shop floor.

The mysterious happenings left the terrified employee fleeing the scene.

YouTube channel Petrifying Occurrences uploaded the footage on Saturday and it has since been re-posted to Reddit.

It was captioned: “A ghost caught on CCTV,” and viewers have been quick to voice their terror.

MYSTERY: The shop worker was sent fleeing from fear after weird things began to happen (Pic: YOUTUBE)

One viewer asked: “The clumsy ghost had the munchies?”

Another puzzled person asked: “What would cause the door of the fridge to open like that?”

Someone replied: “I think that dude was freaked out and ran back to the office/till.

“I know I wouldn’t have the balls to stick around and clean up after a ghost.”

But another sceptical viewer was quick to doubt the legitimacy of the video.

He said: “There is some suspicious editing going on in this video.”

Mysterious happenings are often caught on camera.

Last week a man who purchased an abandoned 1930s school filmed mysterious happenings.

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