Ghost news: Man left TERRIFIED after re-watching video of him entering house

The frame falling off

Kieran Essen, 23, was being filmed returning from a shopping trip with friends Amy Jardine, 25, and Kerrie Watson, 22, when the chilling incident happened.

Caught on camera by pal Lisa O’Donnell, Amy and Kerrie are the first to walk into the house with their bags of snacks.

But when Kieran appears, something bizarre happens.

A photo frame perching on a coffee table starts moving before falling to the floor – right in front of the stunned man.

“I think it’s a personal reminder to show he’s there”

Kieran Essen

It shatters as Kieran jumps out of his skin.

After re-watching the bizarre video taken on January 5, he now believes a close friend who recently died is behind the paranormal activity.

Kieran, from Edinburgh, said: “It’s so bizarre, we have watched it so much and even slowed the footage down.

“The frame doesn’t get pushed off it’s like it pounces towards me when I’m walking – like it’s following me.”

He explained Lisa had been Snapchatting them to chronicle their trip to get snacks for a cosy Saturday night in.

CHILLING: A man was left stunned after seeing a photo frame fall on its own accord (Pic: KENNEDY NEWS & MEDIA)

“The next thing, that happens,” he continued. “I was shocked as there was glass on the floor.

“Me and my friends were arguing at first after the photo frame smashed, I said it wasn’t me who had done it and they said it was.

“It wasn’t until we looked back at the footage and I realised ‘oh my God it was actually none of us’.”

Kieran said someone “very close” to him passed away in the last couple of months.

The frame

SCARY: Kieran jumped out of his skin after the incident (Pic: KENNEDY NEWS & MEDIA)

And he now believes that person is behind the spooky incident.

“It’s a reassuring feeling but also a kind of cheeky feeling, almost ‘alright I see what you’re doing’ and making his presence known,” he added.

“I do think it’s a personal reminder to show that he’s there, it’s a funny way of doing it.

“I was a bit spooked at first but me and my friends are going to see a medium to get some answers.”

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