Ghost hunter convinced rude spirit called him a ‘c***’ in viral Reddit footage

The spooky tunnel

A ghost hunter is convinced he was called a “c***” by a spirit – leaving Reddit viewers in stitches.

The clip shows a man walking down Swan View Tunnel – a former railway tunnel – in Hovea, Australia.

He says: “Talk into this little device and we’ll be able to here you okay?”

There is a brief moment of silence as the man continues his walk down the spooky tunnel.

Then suddenly, what seems to be a muffled voice shouts out something.

It is almost impossible to fully work out what is being said but uploader u/10YearsOf_Fear thinks he knows.

The mystery voice was heard in a spooky dark tunnel

“I had a spirit call me a c***, few other voices I captured as well but it’s a long video,” he wrote.

“Someone else said they also heard something say ‘don’t talk to him’.”

The video has sparked a fierce debate since being shared to Reddit this morning, where viewers were split on what was (or was not) being said.

“Most Aussie ghost experience I’ve ever heard of, love it,” one commented.

Another simply wrote: “How rude.”

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‘Ghosts’ on camera

One viewer was more sceptical, saying: “After playing this for my girlfriend (who has more experience investigating than I) without showing her the title, what she heard was actually ‘No, I don’t’ and not ‘c***’.”

And a fourth offered a different suggestion, adding: “To me it sounds like it said ‘can’t’.”

It is not the only time an apparently paranormal spirit has been caught on camera swearing.

The supposed cursed doll, named Scarlet, was captured last year appearing to say: “You’re f***ed.”

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