German zombie hunters stopped at Swedish border in Hummer full of weapons


A German couple have been arrested after allegedly rocking up to the Swedish border in a Hummer belonging to a “Zombie Response Team” – only for guards to discover it was filled with weapons.

Sweden’s customs agency has released pictures of the seized vehicle, which was ominously emblazoned with biohazard signs and a warning that read: “Infected people will be shot”.

Local media suggests the couple were on the way to their newly purchased summer house in Blekinge in southern Sweden.

When the vehicle was stopped on March 25 , reportedly just after arriving in Malmo via ferry from the German port of Travemünde, customs officers found more than 20 weapons in the car and the pair were arrested.

Some of the weapons allegedly discovered

The arsenal inside allegedly consisted of multiple crossbows, a taser, several firearms designed to fire tear gas, a knuckle duster and a truncheon.

The case has only just been revealed by the Swedish authorities.

Both the man and the woman deny any wrongdoing . The woman reportedly claims to have had no knowledge the weapons were in the car, while the man has told local prosecutors that he did not realise it was illegal to bring the weapons into the country.

Swedish news outlet Sydsvenskan reports that the prosecutor has already noted the couple’s choice of car was not exactly inconspicuous so it is unlikely they were deliberately attempting to smuggle in the weapons.

The Hummer was not exactly discrete

It is believed the pair may belong to a role-playing organisation that acts out doomsday scenarios.

Germany currently has a total of 166,598 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and has suffered 6,993 deaths.

Sweden by comparison, has been one of the only countries in Europe to avoid total lockdown, and has recorded 23,216 cases and 2,854 deaths.

There has been no confirmation that the couple were deliberately fleeing coronavirus.

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