Florida red tide dubbed ‘blood plague’ as MILLIONS of fish killed

Blood red water

The toxic algae has affected the Gulf coast all summer but has now made its way across the Atlantic. 

Since the weekend, beachgoers have complained about coughing, itchy eyes and other symptoms. 

Dead fish began washing ashore in MacArthur State Park, Palm Beach County, riddled with high amounts of Karenia Brevis – the algae in red tide.

Numerous amounts are also thought to have been affected by respiratory distress. 

“Blood red water is stretching from Gulf to Florida”

Justus Knight

And now, several beaches in the area have been closed for public safety.

Some have even claimed this could be proof that a bible prophecy has been fulfilled. 

Conspiracy theorist Justus Knight has claimed it is a “biblical plague” which is causing “blood red water to stretch from the Gulf to Florida”.

And local authorities cannot put their finger on it either.

“It’s very rare for us to have it over here,” said Lieutenant Matthew Sparling of Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Department. 


BLOOD RED: The dead fish have plagued the water
(Pic: CBS)

“People come here to be on the beaches and they don’t want to be coming down here to be exposed to red tide or sewage spills.

“So yes, I think we can be in trouble.”

State officials say a red tide bloom that began last year now stretches along roughly 135 miles (215 kilometres) of Florida’s southwest coast.

In parts of the state, crews of prison inmates have been used to clean up piles of dead fish killed near Panama City Beach. 

Florida beachCBS

MILLIONS: Fish are turning up dead in Florida
(Pic: CBS)

Nick Shay, from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, said the currents that would take red tide from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean are always circulating.

But the levels of algae in the Gulf are extremely high.

“This year has been an anomalous year for red tide,” he said.

“The circulation is relatively constant and known. That’s not a stretch.”

Last week, Florida governor Rick Scott announced $3million in state assistance for five counties in the region. 

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