Firefighter prophet Mark Taylor claims chemtrails jam God’s radio


Mark Taylor is a YouTube prophet who mixes his praise for current US President Donald Trump with violent warlike imagery and warnings aboutdemonic powers of evil“.

Mr Taylor’s latest brainwave is the discovery that chemtrails – that is to say the condensation trails that can be created by the wingtips of high-flying aircraft – are part of a sinister conspiracy to cut Christians off from their god.

He appeared on the Blessed To Teach YouTube channel this week to tell its 60,000 subscribers how “everything in life gives off a frequency” and that “all of creation cries out to God in the frequency”.

CONSPIRACY: Mark Taylor also claims that Hurricane Maria was a secret plan by US Democrats (Pic: Getty)

“We are literally walking antennas because we’ve been breathing the aluminum”

Mark Taylor

He goes on to explain how chemtrails , which in his mind are made of powdered metal rather than harmless water vapour, turn human beings into giant antennae that Satan can use to jam the frequency that God uses to hear our prayers.

“The chemtrails, all the spraying is to detract us from hearing God’s frequency,” he said. “They are spraying aluminium and barium in the chemtrails and if you look on the periodic table—barium is BA, aluminium is AL; it spells BAAL.”

Baal is, as Bible readers will know, an ancient god worshipped by some peoples of the middle east, who became identified with by Jewish scholars as Beelzebub, or Satan.

PROPHET: Retired firefighter Taylor gained notoriety after predicting the 2016 election result (Pic: YouTube)

Speaking of the barium-aluminium-ball connection Taylor says: “That’s deep, that’s no coincidence.

“We are literally walking antennas because we’ve been breathing the aluminum, we’ve been breathing the barium. We are literally giant antennas.

“If you want to get really deep on this, these entities that the devil has put down here that these satanist worship or tap into for this knowledge, if you will, they have told them how to do this stuff. 

“They’ve showed them how to do this stuff for decades, for thousands of years, but they’ve tapped into this stuff about how to clog up man’s ears and eyes to be able to sense and feel God every time you’re walking around.”

OLD NEWS: Contrails were first observed towards the end of World War 1 (Pic: Getty)

Mr Taylor also blames chemtrails for the hugely destructive wildfires in California towards the end of last year.

Citing his experience as a firefighter, he said: California’s got probably some of the most experienced brush firefighters in the world and these guys were saying that these fires were exploding and they couldn’t control them.

“There’s a reason why that’s happening, brother… The reason these fires are so hot out there right now and so great right now when these things burn is because they are not fighting a Class A fire—which is wood and paper products—they’re fighting a Class D fire, a metal fire.”

“Why is that?” he asks, before offering his own explanation: “It’s because they’re spraying the atmosphere with the chemtrails …with aluminium oxide. Aluminium burns at 1200 degrees. The foliage is saturated with this stuff and when it burns, you’re not going to stop it and this is the reason why.” 

RING: Taylor also predicts the arrest of thousands of members of a satanic child abuse ring (Pic: YouTube)

He continues: “They’ve weaponised—again, the depopulation, trying to make people sick, and trying to kill people off—this is their way of retaliating because, I believe, California is fixing to go red, brother.”

By red he means Republican. Taylor was convinced that California’s November state elections would produce a Republican landslide. In fact, the state re-elected the more liberal Democratic candidates in most categories.

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