Eerie viral TikTok of plane hovering in sky sparks theories of ‘glitch in the Matrix’

TikTok screenshot of plane in air

Bizarre footage which shows a plane unmoving in the sky has sparked confusion and rumours of a “glitch in the system”.

The eerie clip has been seen over seven million times since 22-year-old TikTok user @lesxbalboa first shared it.

After she took the first video of the stationary aircraft, she drove past the same spot two days later – and was baffled to see the plane remained “standing still mid-air”.

It’s attracted thousands of comments from people across the world.

Some reckon it’s evidence we are living in a Matrix-like simulation.

One nervous user commented: “This is the proof that there is a glitch in the matrix that causes the whole server to lag.”

The clip has over seven million views

Whilst another said: “No worries just a little glitch in the system.”

Other conspiracy theories flying around include the simulation theory, which is believed in by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk.

It says we could all be living inside an extra-dimensional machine that holds the entire universe.

Those who think the theory is true reckon that odd events such as this one are evidence of glitches in the simulation, much like in the 1999 sci-fi film The Matrix.

Another TikTok comment read: “don’t worry the server is a bit laggy we will report the bug.”

But the creepy sight could just be an optical illusion – in 2018, baffled motorists just outside Moscow thought they had spotted a similar incident with a stationary plane in the air, reports The Sun.

In fact, it was the low speed of the aircraft, high winds in the opposite direction, and the position of the car that made it look so suspended.

TikTok screenshot of still plane
The plane was seen stationary again two days later

Some of the thousands who commented on the clip joked about the true reasoning behind the video.

One quipped: “They’re looking for the right playlist give them a minute.”

Whilst someone else laughed: “Leave it alone it’s on airplane mode.”

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