Diane Abbott stamps appear to be work of mastery prankster


A MYSTERY prankster has created postage stamps with Labour MP Diane Abbott’s face replacing the Queen.

CRYPTIC: It’s unclear whether the stamps are a pro-or-anti Abbott statement (Pic: Troubled Postie)

The professional-looking fakes, which are marked ‘first class’ and in some cases have been franked as if the were the real thing, were flagged up by an anonymous postal worker who sent photos of the stamps to their local paper.

 According to the un-named informant the stamps had been spotted on letters making their way through the postal system. They are thought to be part of a “lighthearted stunt.”

It’s unclear whether the stamps were the work of a supporter of Ms Abbott or one of her opponents.

SLICK: The stamps were convincing enough in some cases to be franked as if they were real (Pic: Troubled Postie)

The postal worker told the Hackney Gazette: “I have spotted what apparently nobody else has… there’s a Diane Abbott stamp making it through the mail.

“Obviously it’s a serious offence to send fraudulent stamps through the mail, though I feel this might be a lighthearted stunt.”

Royal Mail say that the issue is being investigated by their security team. 

A spokesperson told Daily Star online: “It is a crime to create or use counterfeit stamps.

“Royal Mail takes the necessary steps to protect stamp revenues which help fund the Universal Postal Service which serves the UK’s 30 million households and businesses.

“We will seek to prosecute where we find someone has created counterfeit stamps or knowingly sold used stamps for re-use.

TARGET: Ms Abbottt has been subjected to appalling abuse in the past (Pic: Getty)

Royal Mail declined to comment on whether multiple copies of the stamp were found, or it was believed to be a one-off.

Daily Star online spoke to the Metropolitan Police, who said that they were unaware of any investigation into the fraudulent stamps. We also contacted Ms Abbott’s office but had not recieved a reply at time of publication.

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