Coronavirus can be zapped out of existence by ‘ultraviolet protective Batman suit’


The coronavirus , or COVID-19, continues to dominate headlines.

As yet there is now virus or specific treatment for the respiratory illness that broke out from the Wuhan wet food market to spread across planet.

One or two people have suggested preventative measures: the NHS have issued advice about hand washing and Iranian cleric Ayatollah Tabrizian has suggested popping some violet oil up your bum .

But while some people are panic-buying paper masks and a few others are opting for space suits and even giraffe costumes, a Chinese company has come up with a protective ‘ Batman suit’ that, they say, uses “bionic design principles” to protect the wearer from contracting the virus.

The suit, with its built-in sterilising heating technology, might be capable of killing the virus

The designers claim that the suit, which fitted with sterilising heating technology, is capable of destroying the virus.

“As an architect, I have designed a wearable space device that can effectively isolate us outdoors to ensure safety,” Penda China said on Instagram.

Ultraviolet radiation is generated on the surface of the suit, which heats up to sterilise the surrounding environment and eliminate the virus before it can reach the suit’s wearer.

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“The device is also foldable, ready to open automatically when we need to contact with the outside world,” say the designers.

The suit is kept in a backpack when not needed, folding out to cover the body with its isolating “wings” hen the wearer is in an infected area.

The ‘Batman’ suit unfolds from a backpack when required

‘When we were little, we all dreamed of being Batman, say the designers

The bizarre garment is based on a bat’s wings – harking back to the early hays of the Wuhan crisis when the outbreak was blamed on the Chinese delicacy of bat soup: “The design follows the bionic design principle, taking bats as the prototype.

“When we were little, we all dreamed to be a Batman, a hero who fights evil and save the world.

“Perhaps that dream is coming true today.”

The suit, called Be A Batman, consists of a backpack with a lightweight carbon-fibre skeleton frame

The current number of people infected worldwide is closing in on 100,000, with over 3,000 people confirmed as having died from the virus so far.

Most of the cases have been concentrated in China, where the epidemic first emerged, but hotspots in Iran and Italy are also now causing health experts serious concern.

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