Conspiracy theory claims ISS is ‘spy satellite’ as images of Chinese city emerge

This is allegedly a

A “military base” in China was pictured by the International Space Station which is being used as a “spy satellite” according to a conspiracy theorist.

The outlandish claims were made in a Youtube video that explored the idea that NASA is using the ISS “inappropriately”.

Scott C Waring, who uploaded the video to his ET Data Base channel, zoomed in on a photo he appears to have found in the ISS online image library, which shows a network of illuminated roads at night time.

Explaining the image, he said: “I believe the international space station by NASA is being used inappropriately to spy on other foreign countries and, right here, we’re looking a photograph of the Chinese city, this is one of the Chinese cities.

This is allegedly a ‘military base’ which was photographed by ISS

“And there should be no spy satellites or spy cameras taken or used on the International Space Station.

“This makes no sense to me and I just don’t understand why.”

NASA is a civilian space program and its activities are limited to scientific endeavours, but Waring claims that the picture depicts a military base.

“If you look at this next photo right here, what you’re looking at is something which looks to me like a military base,” he said.

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“This looks like a spy photo of a military base in China somewhere.

“It looks very similar to what a military base would be fixed to be.

“Now why are there about 30 photographs of this Chinese city taken by the International Space Station which is mostly run by non-international people?

“It’s just certain countries allowed on there.

The ISS is a project involving scientists from around the world

“I mean, the Chinese are not allowed on there and yet they’re taking pictures of Chinese cities.”

The conspiracy video has had a lot of attention since it was uploaded earlier this month, with one person commenting: “International Space Station. Bro Chinese spy satellites are capable of the same imagery.

“We got Chinese folks attempting to photograph our Florida Air Bases.”

“Eye spy technology being used. Chillaxe brother,” said a second viewer.

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