Cigar-shaped UFO cruises above Los Angeles mountains in baffling footage

The UFO was captured cruising through the LA mountains

A cigar-shaped UFO appears to have been captured hovering over Los Angeles mountains in a bizarre clip.

Throughout 2019, scores of tic-tac-shaped UFOs were captured lurking in the skies, leaving many pondering what they are.

And it appears the new decade has started much the same as the last finished.

In a clip posted on January 8, an unidentified flying object is seen seemingly lurking in the Californian mountain range.

The video captured the long, cigar-shaped object appearing to fly in reverse.

As the cameraman, Robert Nunez, records from a distance, he zooms in on the UFO in the hope to identify what it is.

The UFO was captured cruising through the LA mountains

The object slowly nears in towards a mountain top before disappearing out of sight.

YouTube conspiracist Disclose Screen The Grimreefer uploaded the clip only days ago.

He captioned it: “Large, bizarre UFO cruising through mountains, Los Angeles, California.”

One person said: “That’s incredible footage, one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

A second claimed: “We all know that’s not a plane or a blimp.”

While another person asked if it was a “flock of geese”.

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UFOs, Aliens and Outer Space

Others simply believe the object was a satellite.

But some were less convinced, suggesting the video was simply CGI and a hoax.

It comes after a cigar-shaped UFO was capturing hovering over an Arizona airport.

In the clip, filmed off a cliff on December 28 above Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona, US, a bizarre black object appears to hover over a valley.

The clip, which lasts for almost 14 minutes, captured the object seemingly shifting slightly in the air, revealing its bizarre shape.

“It’s been up there since we’ve been up here, I don’t know what the hell it is,” the camera man said.

“It’s not a plane.”

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