Boards must have women – California law: BBC News Review


California’s requirement that companies listed on the stock market have at least one woman on their board was fought hard by business lobby groups. Well, now the law has passed they are not happy and warn it could be difficult to implement.

Almost 100 big firms which have got their headquarters in California have no women at all in their boardroom and they’ve now got three years to make the appointments or face fines of up to $300,000.

Key words and phrases

considers; thinks about (something) carefully
• He often ponders his future.
• I have been pondering over which colour to paint my house.

it’s high time
it’s overdue; it should have happened already
• It’s high time we had a smoking ban!
• When are you two going to get married? It’s high time you did!

raise their hands
volunteer; express a desire to become involved in something
• Several people raised their hands when the boss emailed to ask for a volunteer.
• Thank you for raising your hand and taking control of the project.

To test your understanding, look here

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