Bloke shares genius nine times table maths trick he says teachers ‘hid from us’

Maths tutor on TikTok shares incredible trick for multiplying numbers by nine

A maths tutor surprised many of his followers on TikTok with a simple maths trick that would help you multiply by nine with ease.

Brady Kelly is the maths tutor from Florida, US who shares easy maths tips and tricks to his 1.5 million fans on TikTok under the handle @bradyyourtutor.

Last week he posted a video showing how he could easily multiply by the number nine.

The video left many of his followers shocked and questioning everything they have ever learnt in school, the Mirror reports.

The clip begins with Brady addressing the camera saying “Teachers have been hiding this”, which although is a bold claim, is admittedly a trick that many of his followers have never seen before.

He then cuts to a hand-written list of multiplications of nine that haven’t yet been solved, 9×1=, 9×2= etc up to 9×10=.

Brady then goes down the ascending list vertically writing the numbers from 0 to 9 in numerical order. So far, nothing all that special – that is until he reaches the bottom of the list and begins to travel back up the descending list of times tables.

He again writes the numbers from 0 to 9 until he reaches the top of the list revealing the full numerical answers for each multiplication. For example, 9×1=09 whilst 9×10=90.

The results appear almost too good to be true with Brady’s followers joining in the conversation in the comment section to express their surprise.

The trick left many questioning everything they know

One commented: “Feeling like I am learning more on TikTok than I ever did in school”.

Another chipped in, saying: “Why did all my maths teachers hide this?!?!”

However, a few on the platform stated that this trick in fact isn’t news to them; one said: “Depends on your age because I definitely learnt this in the 70s and the 80s”

Another commented: “We used to use that, I’m Gen X”

Whether the video blows your mind or merely refreshes your memory, it serves as a great reminder that there are plenty of simple hints and tricks out there to help you navigate your way around multiplication and tricky times tables.

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